April 12th – April 26th 2022


(including accommodation)

Why attend the course?

In this intensive course (limited to 4 participants) you will receive an introduction to both the martial and healing art of Kalari, together with a theoretical underpinning, that brings all the knowledge together and explains why Kalari works !


What does the course include?

Note: During the week you will also have the opportunity to receive Kalari treatment at an additional cost.

Part 1:
Martial Art

What you shall learn:

What you shall learn:

Part 2:
Healing Art

Part 3:

What you shall learn:

This course is unique:

Unlike many courses where you will be one of many participating, I shall limit the group to 4 participants in order to offer a tailor made approach, that suits your Ayurvedic constitution, current physical condition and energy levels.

You will receive a unique introduction to this ancient practice with a strong and clear theoretical explanation of both the gross and subtle bodies and how to condition them through Kalari exercise and treatment.

What to expect from the course?




To Take home:

After completion you will receive a printed and illustrated manual about all you have covered and a internationally recognised certificate, endorsed by Kerala Kalarippayat Academy (one of the leading teaching institutions of this art form)

Further , you will have your own 60 minute training programme that you can repeat independently and continue to improve on your own.

You will be provided membership to the ‘KalariLab Online Virtual school’ which will allow you to continue learning in the future, with regular updates from me and other teachers and discounts to attend future courses , including masterclasses with my Gurukkal and his most senior students.

Who is teaching?

Adam has been practicing Kalari for over 18 years, teaching since 2006 and working as a therapist in Kalari Chikitsa since 2005. He also studied Physiotherapy at the University of London and worked in several Physiotherapy departments in the UK – treating Musculoskeletal, Respiratory and Neurological conditions. Working as a professional actor from 2003-2008 he collaborated with dancers and performers, using both Kalari exercise and treatment in their training and rehabilitation. In both his teachings and treatments he now draws on these two bodies of knowledge to provide the most holistic approach possible.

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