Kalari Immersion

Koh Phangan, Thailand

March 1st-30th, 2024
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Kalari is unique! Why?

Because no other practice, not even yoga, embodies the art of connection to the human organism as deeply and totally as Kalari. It is both a yogic and a healing art. A practice of posture and a practice of hands-on bodywork. It engages with all systems of the body: the musculoskeletal, lymphatic, endocrine, digestive, circulatory, nervous and energetic. It balances the Vayus, the Tridosha, the Siva/Sakti and the elemental makeup of the body itself. The individual purifies the organism through movement and massage. The fascial lines of the body are recognised and exercised, strengthened, lengthened and stabilised. Through both training and treatment, the individual is bought into centre.

Why attend the course?

In this intensive course you will receive a firm foundation in both Kalarippayat and Kalari Chikitsa to a level at which you will feel both competent and confident to practice independently

You will gain a solid understanding of the theoretical background and scientific explanation as to why Kalari is an effective system of training, treatment and rehabilitation

You will spend one month in a tropical island paradise, surrounded by coral reefs, jungle and waterfalls. Training in a secluded and peaceful wooden floored space, right on the beach!

What does the course include?

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Koh Phangan, Thailand

March 1st-30th, 2024

Accommodation & Prices

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The Location

Koh Phangan is one of the jewels of Thailand. Not only is it a Mecca for yoga and healing arts but also it is a place of pristine natural beauty, offering white sandy beaches, coconut palms and cooling waterfalls to be explored and enjoyed.

Located within easy reach of Bangkok via smooth and direct transport links, it is the perfect location for a focused and immersive month of Kalari training.

Our training space and accommodations are located in the northern part of the island – far from the busy crowds in the south and within a short walk of Coral Beach – one of the islands most beautiful and least visited places.

Where will you stay?

Modern western design

En-suite outdoor bathrooms

Student Testimonials

What you shall learn:

Part 1:
Martial Art

Part 2:
Healing Art

What you shall learn:

What you shall learn:

Part 3:

This course is unique:

This is the only course in Kalari that will give you an internationally recognised certificate from UNESCO CID (International Dance Council). You will receive this certification on completion of the course.

You will learn from an authentic family lineage almost 1000 years old; from a teacher who has trained in the traditional method of transmission for over 20 years.

You will learn Kalari authentically – as a martial art! Not as a performative dance as so many schools now practice it.

Further you will receive a printed and illustrated manual to assist and further your learning.

Receive a unique introduction to this ancient practice with a strong and clear theoretical explanation of both the gross and subtle bodies and how to condition them through Kalari exercise and treatment.

What to expect from the course?​




To Take home:

Who is teaching?

Adam has been practicing Kalari for over 20 years, teaching since 2006 and working as a therapist in Kalari Chikitsa since 2005. He is now one of the most experienced teachers of Kalari outside of India.

He also studied Physiotherapy at the University of London and worked in several Physiotherapy departments in the UK – treating Musculoskeletal, Respiratory and Neurological conditions.

Working as a professional Actor and Director since 2003, he collaborated with dancers and performers, using both Kalari exercise and treatment in their training
and rehabilitation.

He now runs immersion courses internationally in Thailand, Mexico, India and USA.

Most recently in 2023 he founded the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF KALARIPPAYAT STUDIES in Apuglia, South Italy: A centre for training, treatment and research into the scientific foundations of the art.

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