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Live Kalari Immersion

Headquarters now in Puglia, Italy

In this intensive course you will receive a firm foundation in both Kalarippayat and Kalari Chikitsa to a level at which you will feel both competent and confident to practice independently.

You will gain a solid understanding of the theoretical background and scientific explanation as to why Kalari is an effective system of training, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Furthermore, you shall receive vocational training and be certified to work as a Kalari Therapist.

You will train on a traditional earthen floor of hard red mud – as the warriors of old did! In a stunning location surrounded by olive groves, orchards and history.

Live Events

Sept 28th - Oct 28th
Puglia, Italy

KalariLAB Online

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Train from your living room or garden from the Teachable website or Mobile App

Total bodymind conditioning

Build the physical and mental attributes of the warrior, developing focus and clarity to maximise your wellbeing and productivity.

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Be part of an online community with regular Live classes and an active forum to keep you supported and on track

Personalized coaching

Live 1-to-1 sessions and personalized training programmes with coaching from a trained Physiotherapist and movement specialist

Authentic Teaching

Learn from a teacher with 20 years experience and be part of a school with 800 year lineage

Holistic program

High quality and progressive training videos supported by clear scientific rationale explaining the science behind the art

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Meet the students


Kalari is unique! Why?

Because no other practice, not even yoga, embodies the art of connection to the human organism as deeply and totally as Kalari. It is both a yogic and a healing art. A practice of posture and a practice of hands-on bodywork. It engages with all systems of the body: the musculoskeletal, lymphatic, endocrine, digestive, circulatory, nervous and energetic. It balances the Vayus, the Tridosha, the Siva/Sakti and the elemental makeup of the body itself. The individual purifies the organism through movement and massage. The fascial lines of the body are recognised and exercised, strengthened, lengthened and stabilised. Through both training and treatment, the individual is bought into centre.

Why train with us?

Learn from senior teachers of Malabar Kalarippayattu Academy (MKA).

MKA is one of the leading schools in Kalari – having represented India since 2010 at the world martial arts forum.

Kalarilab has trained hundreds of students through face-to-face workshops and retreats.

Learn from Senior Kalari Instructor and trained Physiotherapist Adam Phillips and trained Ayurvedic Doctor Kaoru Osani, both experts in their field with nearly 50 years of combined experience

Frequently Asked Questions

There is of course no substitute for face-to-face learning however there is a lot you can learn from solo practice that will prepare you for working with a partner. All the attributes of the warrior: Balance, flow, power, flexibility, confidence, humility, focus; all these are attainable through daily practice. In Kalari there is a precise set of physical exercises that work to achieve these attributes.

The forms of Kalari consist of Vadivu (postures) and Chuvadu (linking sequences). These are joined together to make forms. Traditionally Kalari is paractised in a 7x14m space however, it is possible to adapt almost all the forms into a much smaller area. We have done this throughout the course, to make it possible for you to train at home, whilst still teaching the forms as they were done traditionally. 

The first steps are the most important. The first postures and movements lay the groundwork for your practice and so this is where we start. Over the beginners course of 2 months, you will learn a full set of warm-up exercises (LOHAR), the first 4 leg exercises/kicks (KALUGAL), the first 5 postures (VADIVU) and 3 different forms from Northern-style Kalari to balance your body and begin to develop flow and dynamism in your movement. 

Yes of course. In some ways it can be an advantage to have no previous experience as your body is open to learn without having to unlearn anything. Saying that, experience in other MAs, dance, yoga or anything physical, will very likely make it easier for you to pick up many of the techniques. Certainly being already flexible can make starting Kalari easier but don’t worry if this isn’t you; many of our students report gaining hugely in their flexibility after just a week or two of Kalari.

Almost certainly but we cannot say 100%. If you are concerned about this, please send us an email and we can arrange a consultation. A free service to those serious about doing an Immersion course with us. Within our team we have both an Ayurvedic Doctor as well as several Physiotherapists and are able to make a solid assessment before you travel to Thailand as to what you would and wouldn’t be able to do on the course. Chances are though, you’ll be fine!

There are many ways to try to clear the mind,. To bring it into balance and focus. In Kalari we work to attain EKAGRATA (natural single-pointed focus). This is achieved through deliberate focus on the physical actions. Over time this process of repetition with complete attention , leads to a movement of the focus from the external to the internal. In this moment the mind becomes silent. It happens simultaneously and almost effortlessly. 

We have introduced the Pay-as-you-go SILVER membership to allow you to choose your own training schedule. You receive the first 6 video classes for free (3 training and 3 science); thereafter you can pay separately for individual classes or for a bundle of classes. Whatever you pay for, you will have lifetime access to and can watch as many times as needed. 

Meet the Team

KalariLAB Facilitators


Adam Phillips

KalariLAB (Director & Lead Instructor)

Since then he has become a senior teacher of the school, and is now one of the most experienced non-Indian practitioners of the art, leading workshops in UK, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Russia, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, USA and India.

Alongside his practice of Kalarippayat and the healing art Kalari Chikitsa, he has trained as both an actor and physiotherapist and has used Kalari in both disciplines to gain deeper understanding of the psyche-physical process involved in body conditioning and re-education.

In 2023, together with Sherif Gurukkal and Massimo Capuana, Adam established the International Academy of Kalarippayat Studies in Apuglia, Southern Italy. A centre of teacher training, treatment and research. Over the next 5 years they plan to revolutionise the way Kalari is seen internationally; and through evidence based research and diligent study of fasciology, provide solid proof on how Kalari works.


Dr Caoru Osani

Ayurvedic Doctor

As a member of KalariLAB she offers Ayurvedic consultation and prescription of medicines and diet/lifestyle indications to all students partaking in the immersion courses. She also offers consultation to clients outside of these courses, on request. 

Later in 2019 and 2020 she shall be leading the Masterclass : An introduction to Ayurveda, with both theory and practical classes on Koh Phangan. 


The Course is delivered in 4 stages over 12 months

Level 1: Foundations of practice

Level 2: Building flow and release

Level 3: Discovering effortless

Level 4: Building power, stability and explosiveness

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