Kalari Chikitsa treatment is based around a specific knowledge of the subtle body and the flow of energy within it.

All treatments start with a face to face consultation:

Please schedule an appointment below. Following the Initial consultation a plan will be made for any treatments you wish to receive.

Physio/Kalari Consultation



Adam Phillips is our resident Physio and Kalari Chikitsa therapist and offers a full Physio and Kalari assessment to determine the cause of any symptoms you are having. This will consist of a thorough interview followed by a physical assessment involving muscle, nerve and joint testing. Following this consultation you may be referred onto Dr. Caoru Osanai for further medical input should it be required.
Dr Caoru Osanai is our resident Ayurvedic Doctor and offers consultation via Skype or in person when she is on the island. This is an opportunity for you to discover more about your individual constitution; what foods and herbs specifically will be good to maintain balance in your body and which medicines can be prescribed for treating disease and maintaining optimal health.

Ayurvedic Consultation



Kalari Nadi Massage

7-DAYS or 14-DAYS

€600 / €1000

Performed over 7 or 14 days, this treatment works to release tension in the neurological body through a series of deep massage strokes. These strokes follow the Nadis (energy meridians) of the body, rebalancing pull between the myofascial lines and restoring balance and stability to the body. This treatment is both curative and preventative and is traditionally given to all students once a year as part of their training.
Acupressure is applied to vital points (Marma) in order to stimulate the subtle body and improve the flow of Prana through the joint. At the same time these techniques serve to release chronic tension from the musculoskeletal system, allowing it to return to a more harmonious state. These are precise techniques and are available from only a handful of therapists outside of India.

Marma Therapy

7-DAYS or 14-DAYS

€450 / €800

Khizi (Muscle pain)

7-DAYS or 14-DAYS

€900 / €1600

Here a herbal compress is used together with hot oil to relieve chronic muscle spasm or joint inflammation. The oil acts as a conduit to send the medicines inside the compress deep into the body's tissues, bringing lasting relief to joint and muscle pain. This can be a very affective treatment for Arthritis, Nerve impingement and other Inflammatory conditions.
Literally translated as 'pouring', Dhara involves the use of medicated fluid being poured over painful joints. It's effect is to calm the nervous system in and around that area. This can be a very effective treatment for joint pain and conditions related to oversensitivity.

Dhara (for inflammation)



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