14 day foundation

14 day foundation


In this intensive course (limited to 4 participants) you will receive an introduction to both the martial and healing art of Kalari, together with a theoretical underpinning, that brings all the knowledge together and explains why Kalari works !

What to expect from the course?


The Kalari training will take place mornings and evenings, up to 2 hours per session.

We will be training for 6 days a week – the day of rest is important in preventing a build up of lactic acid in the body and to allow your fascia to rehydrate.


Each day we will have 2hrs practical session on Kalari treatment in which you will observe , assist and learn how to give simple treatments to yourself and others.


Following an introduction to Kalari and the neuromyofascial web we shall focus on the different myofascial meridians and explore how they operate within us, how they become malfunction and how we can correct them through exercise and treatment.

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